Dark Web monitoring Service, & Security Awareness training

“Prevention is better than Cure” , We are sure everyone has heard that statement more than once.

Have you every received an email demanding money ?

Our guess is the answer to that question is YES. The email normally goes something like this…. We have hacked your computer and know what you have been up to… it may even go as far to display a password that you may regularly use, and demand some type of payment or they will release your details to the world.



Dark Web – What is it ? The Dark Web is the seedy underbelly of the internet where, undetected by search engines, criminals conduct illicit business, including identity theft. As these crooks become increasingly adept, data breaches become more common by the day, leaving legitimate businesses like yours vulnerable to attack.

IT Sales & Service offer Dark Web monitoring to help protect you from the damage these criminals may cause…

At no cost to you, we will provide you with a baseline security assessment which will determine the presence of your business on the Dark Web. Additionally, we will analyze your employees’ responses to simulated phishing scams and provide you with a complete report of security awareness scores to give you a full picture of the risks your company faces due to human error. We also have various training an awareness courses we can run for your employees, helping to make them aware of the importance of look and think before you click, or fill in a form with your confidential details

Some of our awareness courses cover…

Think of us as the Safety Fence at the top of the cliff