Firewalls and Security

“Security and Protection starts at the front door “

As we embrass modern technology  our business habits change and evolve. Whether it be Staff working remotely, Applications or Files on your local Network that requires access from the outside world, you need to ensure that it is secure. To achieve these scenarios we have to open ports on your router (modem). Its like leaving a couple of windows open around the back of your house. Unless you go looking you maybe unaware that the ports are open.
Unfortunately in these day and times, there are people continually looking for these open ports and opportunities to hack into your network to cause destruction and mass inconvenience. This where you require a professional to ensure that your network is secure and that only those who are authorized can gain access to your valuable data.

IT Sales & Service, have partnered with some of today’s leading security and firewall providers. Witch a correctly configured firewall, we can control who and what has access to your data, with advanced features of scanning emails for viruses, mailware, advanced reporting and most importantly security for your data and staff.

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